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Congratulations on choosing the Living Younger Program. I am delighted to work with you and guide your progress on optimizing your health and preventing and possibly reversing some of the chronic, degenerative diseases of aging.

In the patient-only section, I will be sharing information with you regarding policies, practices, frequently asked questions and resources. With your feedback, I will add content to this site that will help guide you, streamline the process and reduce the amount of printed-paper to be more environmentally friendly. Some of the information is copyrighted so I ask that you keep your password private.

We aren’t here to find ourselves; we are here to create ourselves. You are inspired and empowered to approach life as an artist creating a masterpiece. Having the right tools and skill are essential to live the life you have imagined. Thank you for choosing The Living Younger Program.

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Send this form to your doctor(s) to request doctor to send specific medical records to Lorraine Maita, MD.
Certain tests are required before administering medication. An authorization form can be sent to your physician to request records to be sent to Lorraine Maita, MD.

  1. Authorization to release Protected Health Information

For Your information – No need to sign or return

  1. Consent to Release Information
  2. Directions to Summit

Sign and Return these forms via mail, Email or fax

  1. Directions to Basking Ridge
  2. Email informed consent
  3. Acknowledgment of Receipt of Privacy Practices
  4. Opt Out Relay Health

NOTE: Forms being sent to you by mail have personal information and for your protection, I suggest NOT sending them back through Email. Mail them in an envelope or fax them to (973) 218-1179

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Gluten Free Websites







Many commonly used medications may or do contain gluten, such as antibiotics, antihypertensives, levothyroxine, numerious OTC decongestants, and pain relievers including acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen products.



Biotics research Take 10% off of the Retail Price

  • Order by phone 800 231-5777
  • Reference # 88-TD1199

Designs for Health
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Emerson Ecologics
(Get 10% discount off the retail price.)

  • Order by phone: 800-654-4432
  • Order online: http://www.emersonecologics.com
    • On home page in upper right corner, click “Create New Account.”
    • Check “I am a patient and never ordered from Emerson before.”
    • Fill out form.
    • Your Healthcare Practitioner’s (referral source) Postal Code = 07078
    • Your Healthcare Practitioner’s (referral source) Access Code = Maita1

(Get 10% discount off the retail price. Available through Emerson Ecologics.)

Natural Clinician – Provider Lorraine Maita, MD

  • Order by phone 973-256-4660
  • Order by fax 973-256-8085

Orthomolecular Products – Code: MAIT10
(Get 15% discount off the retail price.)

  • Order by phone: 800-842-0924
  • Order by fax: 800-476-4664 PS

Xymogen – Provider Lorraine Maita, MD
(Get 15% discount off the retail price.) Call first to establish an account so you can get the discount.

  • Order by phone 800-647-6100
  • Order by fax 407-445-0204
  • Order online http://store.xymogen.com/
  • Online instructions
    • New Customer
      • Code # maita51 (case sensitive)
      • Practitioner Maita
      • Create user name and password
    • Already ordered
      • If you ordered online previously, keep your invoices
      • Login with user name and password
      • Check invoice for account ID, account # and total amount
      • Enter data above