Bioidentical hormones written on a paper
Hormones control almost every part of your body. They are like contractors who tell your cells to build or break down things. Some of the things they control are energy, weight, mood, reproduction, sexual function, and metabolism. If your hormones are too high or too low or not in balance with their... Read More
depressed woman sitting on the floor
Anxiety, depression, fatigue, and weight gain are common complaints in my practice. The presence of these symptoms is very high in the nation and throughout the world. Many people are told it may be stress, they may be put on medication, or their symptoms might be dismissed. However, I have found ma... Read More
Graphic of a brain being tucked into a bed laying on a pillow
We are all creatures of habit and can learn, unlearn or relearn anything if we put our minds to it. While all of us have periods of disruption in our lives get off track. The good news is that we can get back on track. Sleep is vital to our physical and mental health and for many people with all ... Read More
health icons on blocks being picked up
Stress and inflammation underly most chronic illness. It is never one thing that fixes it. Everything has to work together. Stress can take many forms. Think of it as dis-stress that the mind or body senses.
  • Physical such as pain, heat, cold, trauma, injury
  • Mental/Emotion... Read More