6 Best Ways to Beat PMS and Perimenopausal Symptoms. Irritable? Tired? Anxious? Bloated? Gaining weight? Got cramps? Depressed? Maybe you want to run and hide or on the other hand yell, scream or lash out at someone. Perhaps you feel like you are blowing up like a balloon and feel bad about yourself. PMS and perimenopausal symptoms can wreak havoc on moods and how one feels about themselves and other people. It is hormonal in nature and can be tamed.

6 Best Ways to Beat PMS and Perimenopausal Symptoms - How to Live Younger

Reduce Inflammation

These symptoms are related to estrogen dominance which means that estrogen is not balanced with progesterone. Estrogen can be high, low or normal and if not balanced with progesterone it can “dominate” and its actions if unbalanced increase inflammation, irritability, anxiety, fluid retention, mood swings, weight gain, and growth of the breasts and breast cysts. When it is balanced with enough progesterone, women feel fine. Progesterone is a calming, diuretic that relaxes smooth muscles, relieves bloating and cramps, calms the nervous system and relieves fluid retention. However oftentimes there is not enough progesterone to balance estrogen that your body makes as well as the xenoestrogens you get from environmental toxins. Estrogen effects will prevail. That is why it is called estrogen dominance.

To have better balance and treat PMS or Peri Menopause, you can lower estrogen, raise progesterone, remove environmental toxin and detoxify and eliminate estrogen. To help relieve symptoms of PMS and perimenopause, reducing inflammation and relaxing muscle can be very helpful.

Detox estrogen

  • DIM otherwise known as di indole methane is an extract from broccoli that detox your estrogen and makes it break down into a more benign form that is less damaging to DNA It works in the gut and liver to manipulate estrogen detox and support healthy estrogen metabolite ratios to prevent estrogen dominance. DIM has been involved in the prevention of breast cancer. Higher concentrations of DIM (e.g. 50 μM) have an inhibits growth of breast cells.
  • Break down estrogen in a healthy wa Estrogen as it is broken down, is carried out of the body bound to bile in your stool. If you don’t move your bowels you can re absorb it and it may give you symptoms of estrogen dominance. Your gut microbiome also plays a role. If you have dysbiosis, that is bad bugs in your gut, the microbiome produces an enzyme that uncouples it from the bile. Calcium d glucarate stops that enzyme called beta glucaronidase from uncoupling the estrogen from bile and prevents you from reabsorbing estrogen. It is involved in Phase II liver detoxification. Elevated beta-glucuronidase activity is associated with an increased risk for various cancers, particularly hormone-dependent cancers such as breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Calcium d glucaratee helps the liver detoxify potentially cancer causing compunds. Other potential clinical applications of oral calcium-D-glucarate include regulation of estrogen metabolism and as a lipid-lowering agent.

Eliminate Estrogen

  • Bowel movements eliminate and prevent reabsorption of toxins including estrogen and estrogen metabolites. Constipation is not a good thing to have. You can have more regular bowel movements if you take magnesium citrate. Magnesium is also hepful in relieving cramps If your bowel movements are fine, you can take other forms of magnesium that don’t make your stools as loose such as magnesium glycinate or malate or a blend of the two.

Decrease inflammation

  • You can ditch the aspirin and ibuprofen for some natural compounds that studies found superior results in decreasing inflammation such as resveratrol and curcumin. Resveratrol has also been shown, like DIM, to decrease the toxic breakdown products of estrogen, it has some antioxidant properties that are anti aging and keeps telomeres long. Curcumin also helps the liver detoxify as well as reduces inflammation. Be sure to get the patented formula made with BCM 95 that is better absorbed and lasts longer.
  • EPA and DHA, the active components of fish oil, not only reduce inflammation, they can improve mood and is helpful in depression. There is nothing fishy about that!

Relax and Relieve cramps, pain, inflammation and anxiety

  • Magnesium is a mineral that helps 300 enzymatic reactions in the body and most people are relatively deficient in it. To absorb it you need plenty of Magnesium in the diet, Selenium, parathyroid hormone (PTH) and vitamins B6 and D. It is hindered by excess fat. Magnesium levels are decreased by excess alcohol, salt, phosphoric acid (found in sodas) and coffee intake, by profuse sweating, by intense, prolonged stress, by heavy periods, by diuretics and other drugs and by certain parasites (pinworms). So you can see why people eating the standard American Diet would be deficient.
  • Another powerhouse to relieve cramping is vitamin B1 otherwise known as thiamine. 100 mg of vitamin B1 has an analgesic effect and can decrease cramping. Some studies showed the effectiveness of vitamin B1 in decreasing depression, stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and sleep disorders; increasing the quality of life; and promoting blood circulation, metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids. Symptoms of PMS are similar to those of reduced serotonin neurotransmitters,

Remove Xenoestrogens

  • Xenoestrogens are environmental toxins that act like estrogen and can disrupt your hormones. Do your best to use natural, chemical free products. Such as phthalate, parabens and fragrance free products on your skin as well as toxin free cleaning products.

Balance Your Hormones

  • If removing toxins, detoxifying estrogens and eliminating through bowel movements doesn’t work, the next step would be to seek help from a functional medicine doctor. Who can prescribe bioidentical progesterone. Progesterone is calming, relieves anxiety and cramps, helps you sleep, has a mild diuretic effect and can relieve fluid retention and stop unbridled growth of breast tissue.

There is so much you can do to relieve symptoms in a safe, natural way. If you are confused regarding what supplements are safe and high quality, sign up for Supplement Savvy. Therefore, free no obligation educational series where I share my protocols. In addition, insights and give you access to top quality supplements at a discount. What could be better than that!