Lorraine Maita, MD

Anti-Aging Doctor

Lorraine Maita, MD the Hormone Harmonizer, specializes in helping you have boundless energy, stable moods, a lean body, sharp, clear mind, deep sleep, clear, glowing skin and balanced hormones, so you can feel like yourself again. She supports people in looking and feeling younger and healthier.

She helps you understand how your lifestyle choices impact your mind and body so you can choose what makes your feel great.

As a diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and Functional Medicine she knows that you can get your life back and slow the aging process so you can live a rich, full, healthy life filled with energy, vigor, and vitality. While aging and life changes are inevitable, suffering is optional. There are safe, effective ways to slow the aging process so you can get your life back.

  • She is a triple board certified physician, writer, author, speaker and award winning physician.
  • Her programs impacted over 120,000 people in each of 3 Fortune 100companies where she served as Chief Medical Officer or Medical Director of Global Health Services as well as thousands in her private practice.
  • Her own struggles with pain, gut health, and hormone imbalance prompted her to become Board Certified in Anti-Aging Regenerative and Functional Medicine and Advanced Endocrinologyas well as Integrative Medicine and Internal Medicine.
  • As a Founder of Vibrance for Life and How to Live Younger, she has been featured in ABC News, Forbes, WOR Radio and many media outlets to spread the word that you can live younger and healthier at any age.
  • She has studied supplement quality and effects since she was a child, is a thorough researcher and has taught thousands of people how to care for themselves so they can live their best life.
  • Her patients call her a “miracle worker” “a revolutionary doctor” “a warm, caring, medical professional who listened, really listened and is extremely smart” “words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Maita for turning my life around” “feeling 20 years younger.”

Adult men and women are freed of the struggle to maintain their weight, lift the brain fog, stabilize mood swings, fight fatigue, sleep soundlyand harmonize their hormones. They reclaim their strength, vitality, libido, and more. She enables them to think, feel and live life fully with optimal health.

If you are not feeling like yourself and feel your life if going downhill and don’t know who to turn to, consider getting your information, support, supplies and resources from a well-trained physician whose mission is to put the CARE (Compassionate And Rejuvenating Experience) back in HealthCARE.

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