The Key to Anti-Aging and Managing Mood, Energy, Weight, Sleep, & Immune System. Something is off and you know it. You are moody, tired, gaining weight, can’t sleep and perhaps getting sick a lot. Although, aren’t you tired of hearing from your doctors that you are just getting old or everything is normal when you know it’s not?

It could be your hormones. Hormonal imbalances present unique health challenges. (no matter your age) Furthermore, a long list of draining symptoms and effects. Sadly, few conventionally trained health practitioners are equipped to address – or even recognize them.

Cortisol is Key

Firstly, one of the keys to having great energy, stable moods, ideal weight, deep sleep and a functioning immune system is the hormone cortisol Why cortisol? This is the hormone that is an essential survival hormone and your mind. Secondly, the body in its infinite intelligence will make this fight or flight hormone at the expense of the hormones that help you rest, digest, repair, rejuvenate and reproduce such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA.

Issues with high cortisol

When cortisol is high, it lowers progesterone and this causes symptoms of estrogen dominance like anxiety, irritability, impatience, insomnia, cysts of the breasts and ovaries, heavy and/or irregular periods and weight gain. High cortisol lowers testosterone in men. It also causes spikes of insulin and swings in blood sugar that can also make you moody and gain weight. After that, cortisol lowers thyroid hormone and prevents its conversion to the active form. These are even more reasons why you gain weight, are moody and have no energy. However, cortisol breaks down muscle, bone and collagen and you age faster. That is why getting this under control can turn things around quickly.

What Affects Cortisol?

What you eat, drink, how much you sleep and exercise, the stress you are under and the toxins you are exposed to affect cortisol. In functional medicine we use the acronym STAINS

  • Stress being any dis-stress the body is under physical or mental or from any of the reasons below
  • Toxins disrupt your hormonal, immune and nervous system
  • Adverse food reactions cause inflammation and affect hormones
  • Inflammation is the root cause of most chronic illness
  • Nutritional excess or deficiency is harmful to your health
  • Sleep – too much or too little is not good. You regenerate and repair during sleep.

Hormonal imbalances gone unrecognized can affect every aspect of your health. The good news is that with Vibrance for Life approach in the online Care 4 U Courses you can learn how to modulate your hormones in a safe, effective and more natural way. You can take your life back and feel like yourself again.  The Cortisol Solution: The Key to Anti-Aging and Managing Mood, Energy, Weight, Sleep, & Immune System is a powerful transformative course that can help you address STAINS- Stress, Toxins, Adverse Food Reactions, Inflammation, Nutrition and Sleep in an easy, step by step approach giving you the tools to do it.

In this simple strategic 10 Module program, some of the things you will be given are:

  • Assessments to determine if your cortisol is high or low
  • Assessments regarding what your toxic burden is
  • Guidance on which toxins to avoid
  • The products that disrupt your hormones and safe alternatives
  • How to uncover adverse food reactions
  • How to reduce inflammation
  • What to give your adrenal glands to stay healthy
  • The nutrition you need to produce this critical hormone
  • Strategies for a deep, restful sleep
  • The best supplements to take to address a high, low or fluctuating cortisol, and sleep
  • Videos with slides for each module
  • Handouts with explanations and resources
  • How to get products at a discount

These are just the highlights. The course is chock full of practical inform and resources so you can have all that you need in one place and be able to implement change on day one. Addressing these issues is essential to modulate not only cortisol but every aspect of your health. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all at once. Small changes can make a big difference.

It is easy to say eat right, get enough sleep, manage your stress and eat organic but there is more to it and it is not necessarily easy to do without a step by step guide. Now you have it if you are ready to take action.

Sick and tired of BEING so tired? Fed up with stubborn weight even though you are eating less and less, and working out harder than ever? Irritated by your mood swings and lack of sleep, your irregular cycles or looking or feeling old before your time?

It’s time to find a solution – The Cortisol Solution: The Key to Anti-Aging and Managing Mood, Energy, Weight, Sleep, & Immune. It’s like having 10 consults with me, a highly trained and experienced anti-aging, functional medicine and hormone doctor who has helped thousands of patients. They transformed their lives and so can you at a fraction of the cost. We are here to help and urge you to Care 4 U and invest in your health. Sign up for the course now at the introductory low price. The results can be priceless.