When you picture youthful skin, you’re probably envisioning a sun kissed, smooth, radiant complexion. A day of fun in the sun is sure to help you achieve that summer glow from within, but spending extended periods of time under the sun’s powerful rays can leave your skin looking dry and leathery instead of soft and supple. In fact, the sun’s deeply penetrating UVA and surface level UVB rays can begin to accentuate fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration in as little as 20 minutes without adequate protection. If you’re looking for an anti aging skincare solution to keep your skin looking young and fresh, sunscreen could be the best kept secret in your beauty artillery.

It Reduces Fine Lines and Discoloration

When your skin is routinely bare in direct sunlight, your skin cells are put into overdrive trying to protect against harmful free radicals produced following extended UV exposure. This provides little to no opportunity for your body to repair any previous damage from the sun, such as dark spots, rough skin and fine lines.

In a study conducted by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., 32 subjects applied a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen every day for 52 weeks. Of these 32 participants, 52% noted a more even complexion and a massive 68% noticed a decrease in their fine lines and wrinkles. Based on the findings of this study, a generous application of sunscreen could be the solution to UV-related changes in your skin’s texture and coloring as long as you are diligent with your routine and patient with your results.

natural anti aging njIt Protects Against Photoaging

Regularly applying sunscreen won’t turn back the hands of time. Although, it will provide your skin with the opportunity to build a strong defense against premature aging from the sun (photoaging). Photoaging occurs when UV rays penetrate a layer of the skin called the dermis. Which contains proteins such as collagen and elastin that work to keep skin smooth and firm. When the dermis is affected by UV radiation, collagen and elastin production depletes and skin can begin to age prematurely.

Sunscreen on delicate skin works similarly to a bandage on a paper cut. The bandage itself does not cause the wound to heal. It conceals and protects the affected area so the skin cells beneath can rebuild. Integrating sunscreen into your daily anti aging skincare routine will help to preserve the collagen. Moreover, the elastin your skin needs to look younger longer.

anti aging doctor njIt Enhances Your Beauty Routine

One of the many reasons women neglect to apply sunscreen every day is because it might interfere with their painstakingly curated beauty and skincare regimen. The process of developing an anti aging skincare routine is time consuming as it is. Adding another step in addition to moisturizer, serums, creams and so on might leave one’s face feeling heavy and greasy.

Luckily, there are many skincare and makeup products formulated with sunscreen already included. High end and drugstore brands alike have been releasing SPF moisturizers. In addition, foundations, powders, lip balms and more over the past few years. The next time you’re browsing through the cosmetics aisle, look for products with an SPF of 30 or higher that contain the ingredients ecamsule, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for long lasting sun protection that fits in seamlessly with your morning routine.

Anti Aging Skincare with Sunscreen

Aging is a natural part of the life cycle. Although, it does not have to be accentuated by damage from the sun. The key to sun protection is prevention. However,  the best way to safeguard your skin against harmful UV rays is by making sunscreen part of your daily anti aging skincare routine. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or going out for an afternoon jog. Take the time to lather up. Your skin will reward you with a glowing, youthful complexion for years to come.

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