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Stress and inflammation underly most chronic illness. It is never one thing that fixes it. Everything has to work together. Stress can take many forms. Think of it as dis-stress that the mind or body senses.
  • Physical such as pain, heat, cold, trauma, injury
  • Mental/Emotion... Read More
Testosterone written on a chalkboard with medical equipment in the background
Testosterone has many roles. It is not just for libido. Testosterone helps with tissue growth and repair, muscle strength and building and is necessary for sperm production, libido, and erectile function. The sad fact is that testosterone will decline with age. Low T is often found more and more in ... Read More
weight measuring app on scale
I often get asked what ideal weight is. The answer is tricky. It depends. The scale often lies. It is a number that may not accurately reflect your health or metabolism. BMI based on height and weight is no different. These numbers lie. These numbers don’t reflect your health. You could... Read More
Stick figure surrounded by sugar cubes representing insulin resistance
Insulin is an essential hormone that regulates blood sugar. When we eat carbohydrates, our blood sugar rises, and this sugar must be brought into the cells to burn as energy or to store as fat or a complex starch called glycogen. Insulin is the hormone that allows this to happen. The pancreas will r... Read More
melatonin spelled out with dice on a chalkboard background
Sometimes we pigeonhole a supplement thinking it can only do one thing. Melatonin is one of those supplements. Melatonin is a hormone, and it is well known for helping people fall asleep and for helping with jet lag. However, this is such a limited view of this important hormone. Here are some benef... Read More
Woman on bench showing signs being overwhelmed by stress
Your hormones control everything and you can take control of your hormones by taking stock of your environment and lifestyle. Hormones affect your immune and nervous system and other hormones. Hormones regulate mood, energy, weight, digestion, sexual function, mental physical and emotional health, r... Read More
Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon on black background
Many women who suffer from menopausal symptoms avoid Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) due to the risk of breast cancer. While osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are far more prevalent, and hormone replacement therapy may have a beneficial effect in alleviating or preventing these conditions, t... Read More
Person trying to button their pants but having trouble potentially due to weight gain
Hormones are signaling molecules that tell your cells and organs what to do. Imagine a ship without a captain or a car on the loose without a driver? Things can get off course when your hormones are not in balance. Some hormones like thyroid, cortisol and insulin are essential to life. Sex hormon... Read More
Olive oil being poured into a clear bowl
Olive oil has been shown in many studies to be heathy for the heart and to decrease mortality and some chronic illness. Most of the studies were done in the Mediterranean regions where intake of extra virgin olive oil can be up to 20 grams a day (about 5 teaspoons), along with up to 18 grams a day o... Read More
DHEA written on a notebook
Let’s face it. Our moods can sometimes turn down and dark and we need a way out. Aging, illness, and mood go hand in hand. There are many things that can lift our moods and slow the aging process. The special hormone comes after the fundamentals such as:
  • Staying in tune with our circa... Read More