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Many women fear hormone replacement therapy due to the risk of breast cancer. They don’t realize that women who are not on hormones get breast cancer and that some studies indicate the risk of breast cancer is much lower than what was reported in the Women’s Health Initiative Study. Subsequent s... Read More
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No amount of exercise can combat a bad diet. Most people who come to me tell me they eat healthy, however the definition of healthy may be defined by marketers and the food industry who want to tout the health benefits of foods using pseudo-science without understanding your individual risk factors,... Read More
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For almost 2 years we have been bombarded with information regarding supplements to boost immune health. Now we have had time to study and test them in real life situations, I want to share some of the newer recommendations based on studies as well as some of the cautions in using what we have known... Read More
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I must admit that when it comes to learning well researched and tried and true in medicine, health, and wellness as well as the latest and greatest breakthroughs, I am a bit of nerd. I have studied under so many organizations and thought leaders throughout the pandemic to help my patients and follow... Read More
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The cold, dry winter brings out the worst in skin leaving it dry, flaky, irritated, and more sensitive and wrinkled. However, there is lot you can do to combat the ravages of winter on skin in any season.

Moisturize with Humectants and Occlusives

Plump up and hydrate the ... Read More
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The pandemic lockdown, the uncertainty, and the change of life as we knew it has taken its toll on people physically and mentally. A sex drive in reverse has been a common complaint during the pandemic and a lot of this applies to men and women, however, I will focus mostly on women. Hypoactive Sexu... Read More
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Since aging is the #1 risk factor for most major illnesses, delaying the aging rate by 7 years would cut the incidence of disease in half! Our chronological or actual age does not necessarily reflect our biological age. We could be younger or older and there are now ways to measure ... Read More
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There are so many strategies to lose weight. How do you choose? What is the fastest and how do you get the biggest bang for your buck? If you are going to diet and want to lose quickly, there is a way to combine several strategies and reach your ideal weight quicker. You first must know what causes ... Read More
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The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized. Lack of sleep can increase weight, the incidence of obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, dementia, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and infections as well as a decrease in memory and performance, and an increase in accidents and poor decision m... Read More