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What you eat affects how you look and feel, so an anti-aging diet full of the right foods can go a long way towards looking and feeling younger. There’s no exact formula for an anti-aging diet, but there are a number of foods known to provide the body with what it needs to age healthily. In thi... Read More
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zoom-28267926-3Aging is inevitable but how you age is not. You can be 20 years older or 20 years younger than your chronologi... Read More
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salmon-518032_640Feeling fat, fatigued, forgetful, foggy, slow and constipated? These are symptoms of an underactive thyroi... Read More
Anti-Aging DoctorDr. Lorraine Maita MD, based out of Basking Ridge, NJ, is offering a fresh perspective on hormone replacement options for men ... Read More
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bioidentical hormone therapyHormone replacement therapy (HRT) after a hysterectomy is often offered to patients i... Read More
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what is anti aging medicineAs we get older, start to see our changing reflections in the mirror, and begin to feel as though... Read More
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low progesterone treatmentGot PMS?... Read More
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testosterone and motivationMany men and even women entering mid life experience depression, fatigue and anxiety and ma... Read More
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I get this question from patients all the time: “What is HRT?” Simply put, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment for women whose estrogen and progesterone levels drop as a res... Read More