A healthier you

A healthier you

Boost Self Esteem with Exercise

If you are feeling down and unmotivated, get moving! Feeling good is a complex psychological, physical and hormonal balance. Getting your heart pumping blood to your brain releases feel good hormones and along with weight loss, more oxygen, toned muscles you look AND feel better. One of the lesser known benefits of exercise shown in several studies is that physical activity increases self-confidence, which increased energy and reduced depression.

Exercise also enhances self efficacy which is your beliefs in your capabilities. Self-efficacy lessens the effects of stressful life events lifting depressive symptoms and lessening fatigue. Physical activity can also improve your sense of well-being. Researchers from the University of Illinois suggest physical activity can increase self-confidence and feelings of accomplishment to reduce levels of depression and fatigue. Studies examined the possible involvement of self-esteem in boosting mood and energy. One study focused on 192 breast cancer survivors, while the other focused on 292 individuals with multiple sclerosis.

Exercise does more than you realize.

In both studies, before and after questionnaires indicated physical activity had a direct effect on self-confidence, which increased energy and reduced depression. The reasons for this connection were not completely understood. It was found that when individuals exercise, they feel a sense of accomplishment or level of achievement and a happier mood increases energy.

You too can use exercise to boost your self-esteem and accomplishment and enhance your energy and mood. To stay motivated, choose and activity your enjoy, recruit your children or friends to join you. Furthermore, try a variety of activities in different setting such as outdoors, a gym, home, mall walking or be creative. It’s inexpensive yet the benefits are quite valuable. To find out the type, duration and frequency of exercise that is safe and effective for you, have an evaluation by a doctor who understands metabolism and antiaging medicine, the length and quality of your life can be much better.

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