Executive Physical

executive physical
If you’re anything like 80% of Americans, you probably don’t s... Read More
Executive Health Exams - What is Genetic Panel Testing?
Executive health exams, done by a functional medicine doctor, offer patients more than the typical yearly physical done by a general physician. They provide a deeper and more comprehensive insight into health and wellness. Executive health exams can help patients und... Read More
Comprehensive Physical Exam - Discover Your Best Self
Do you have dust balls under your sofa or behind your refrigerator? I bet many of you do because that’s a place you don’t look or bother to take the time to move it, look at it and clean it up. After coming back from a one day retreat to rekindle my creativity, I ... Read More
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Whether you are an “executive” running a business or a household, in this day and age of information overload and being busy, tired and overwhelmed, it is most important to take care of yourself. I often see people taking care of others and their work and neglect themselves until something serio... Read More
executive health exams
executive health examsDr. Lorraine Maita MD, of Summit, NJ, was recently quoted in a top health publication regarding how to prevent ... Read More
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6550246301_1b90672061Do you want to know if your health is on track? Do you know why yo... Read More
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canstockphoto26874781 An annual physical is a good way to determine if your health is on track. Since an annual physica... Read More
executive health exams
client-imgDr. Lorraine Maita MD, one of the top functional medicine doctors in NJ, is happy to announce she is moving her practice to a more... Read More
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executive health and fitnessIt behooves any executive or person who has people depending on them to take good car... Read More