Bioidentical hormones written on a paper
Hormones control almost every part of your body. They are like contractors who tell your cells to build or break down things. Some of the things they control are energy, weight, mood, reproduction, sexual function, and metabolism. If your hormones are too high or too low or not in balance with their... Read More
depressed woman sitting on the floor
Anxiety, depression, fatigue, and weight gain are common complaints in my practice. The presence of these symptoms is very high in the nation and throughout the world. Many people are told it may be stress, they may be put on medication, or their symptoms might be dismissed. However, I have found ma... Read More
Testosterone written on a chalkboard with medical equipment in the background
Testosterone has many roles. It is not just for libido. Testosterone helps with tissue growth and repair, muscle strength and building and is necessary for sperm production, libido, and erectile function. The sad fact is that testosterone will decline with age. Low T is often found more and more in ... Read More
Stick figure surrounded by sugar cubes representing insulin resistance
Insulin is an essential hormone that regulates blood sugar. When we eat carbohydrates, our blood sugar rises, and this sugar must be brought into the cells to burn as energy or to store as fat or a complex starch called glycogen. Insulin is the hormone that allows this to happen. The pancreas will r... Read More
melatonin spelled out with dice on a chalkboard background
Sometimes we pigeonhole a supplement thinking it can only do one thing. Melatonin is one of those supplements. Melatonin is a hormone, and it is well known for helping people fall asleep and for helping with jet lag. However, this is such a limited view of this important hormone. Here are some benef... Read More
Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon on black background
Many women who suffer from menopausal symptoms avoid Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) due to the risk of breast cancer. While osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are far more prevalent, and hormone replacement therapy may have a beneficial effect in alleviating or preventing these conditions, t... Read More
Person trying to button their pants but having trouble potentially due to weight gain
Hormones are signaling molecules that tell your cells and organs what to do. Imagine a ship without a captain or a car on the loose without a driver? Things can get off course when your hormones are not in balance. Some hormones like thyroid, cortisol and insulin are essential to life. Sex hormon... Read More
DHEA written on a notebook
Let’s face it. Our moods can sometimes turn down and dark and we need a way out. Aging, illness, and mood go hand in hand. There are many things that can lift our moods and slow the aging process. The special hormone comes after the fundamentals such as:
  • Staying in tune with our circa... Read More
Pages Overlapping on wooden desk with headers for hormone replacement therapy
Many women fear hormone replacement therapy due to the risk of breast cancer. They don’t realize that women who are not on hormones get breast cancer and that some studies indicate the risk of breast cancer is much lower than what was reported in the Women’s Health Initiative Study. Subsequent s... Read More
Hand placing the letter b in the word Libido
The pandemic lockdown, the uncertainty, and the change of life as we knew it has taken its toll on people physically and mentally. A sex drive in reverse has been a common complaint during the pandemic and a lot of this applies to men and women, however, I will focus mostly on women. Hypoactive Sexu... Read More