Vigor Quest – How to Dig a Well to Access The Fountain of Youth

Are you aging prematurely or at an accelerated rate and are you willing to change your lifestyle to enjoy a better quality of life? On Janurary 15, 2010, The New York Times wrote an article called Vigor Quest featuring Cenegenics Age Management Institute and one of its leaders, Jeffrey Life, a doctor at the institute, and one of her patients. Life’s message is that if a fat, 59-year-old, divorced family physician from eastern Pennsylvania can reinvent himself through a combination of lifestyle alterations and modern pharmacology, so can you.

There are many controversies surrounding Hormone Replacement therapy for men and women, their safety and the ethical questions – Should we be using these drugs? What is their long-term safety? And are there any consequences? It may be very clear to many middle age or older men or women with fatigue, malaise and declines in their physical and mental functions that interfere with their relationships, job, and ability to function in daily life. When something critical is awry, and if their hormones are low, hormone replacement therapy with testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, or thyroid hormone fixes the problem with little or no adverse effects.

Many patients choose the option of using bio identical hormones. With careful monitoring for adverse reactions and testing hormone levels. However, side effects can be mitigated while reaping benefits. Such as increased energy, muscle and bone strength, clarity and overall function. Although there are studies that caution against their use, there are many that show benefit as well as no harm. It takes years before any science becomes generally accepted and the aging baby boomers do not have years to wait for definitive answers.

Finding a well to access

While this article focused on Cenegenics approach, there are many ways to achieve the goal of a healthy lifespan. The spectrum ranges from conservative to aggressive. There is no magic bullet, rather a combination of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, supplements. However, when all else fails, the judicious replacement of hormones to the level that relieves symptoms and enhances health. One would not deny insulin to a diabetic or thyroid replacement to someone who has low levels.

Sex and other hormones have a profound effect on muscle and bone strength, energy, mood, clarity, body composition and much more. We all have a responsibility to manage our health. Therefore, given balanced information, can make choices that suit our personal needs, values and pocketbook. My website contains some scientific articles as well. Meanwhile, I suggest anyone who is experiencing accelerated aging. For instance, has symptoms of andropause, menopause or hormone deficiencies, read and learn about the risks! Moreover, benefits so you can make an informed choice.

Dr. Lorraine Maita is a Diplomate in The American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and Internal Medicine. She specializes in lifestyle, stress management, exercise, nutrition, supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, neurocognitive function and executive physicals in Short Hills, NJ.


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