do i have low testosteroneDo I Have Low Testosterone? Signs Of Low Testosterone And How To Get Tested.

If you came here asking yourself “do I have low testosterone?” then we’re going to help you identify the signs and symptoms so you have a clearer idea about whether your testosterone level is lower than it should be for your age.

We’re going to do the best we can to address your concerns, but the only way to truly answer the question “do I have low testosterone?” is to get your levels tested. Getting your testosterone tested involves checking the level of the male hormones called androgens in your blood.

Testosterone is responsible for producing sperm in men and regulating the sex drive, as well as development of muscles and bone mass. So if you’re wondering “do I have low testosterone?” it’s possible that you have been experiencing some complications in those areas.

If you’re a male asking yourself “do I have low testosterone?” you’re probably already aware that male body produces testosterone in large quantities in the testicles. Testosterone is produced in the female body by the ovaries. Testosterone is also produced, in both men and women, by the adrenal glands.

Asking yourself “do I have low testosterone”? You may or may not be aware that as you age your testosterone production decreases. As testosterone production goes down you may experience a number of symptoms as a result.

Do I Have Low Testosterone? – Here Are The Signs And Symptoms

Decreased Sex Drive
Testosterone plays a key role in the sex drive of both men and women. If your testosterone level is low, you may experience a decrease in sexual desire.

Erectile Difficulties
As testosterone is a vital part of a man’s sex drive, it’s also important in helping men achieve an erection. Low testosterone is linked to conditions that cause erectile difficulties.

Low Energy Levels
Fatigue, and significantly lower energy levels, have been reported by people with low testosterone. If you find you’re often tired, even though you’re getting enough sleep that may be a sign of low T.

Loss of Muscle And Bone Mass
Since testosterone is responsible for producing muscle and bone mass, experiencing a loss of either has been reported as a sign of low testosterone.

Mood Swings
Men with low testosterone have reported experiencing changes in their mood such as depression, irritability, or an inability to focus.


We hope we have helped you answer the question “do I have low testosterone?”. This article is just meant as a starting point for acquiring more information. If you’re still asking “do I have low testosterone?”,then it is best to speak with a functional medicine or anti aging medical doctor to get an evaluation.

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