VIDEO – Estrogen Memory and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Yet another study was published stating that hormone replacement therapy with estrogen had no effect on memory of women who started it soon after menopause.  I discussed this in one of my blogs and the literature showed that the type of hormone used and the timing had a big effect.

Memory puzzleThis particular study used synthetic, CEE made from horse urine. It was given to women in their 50’s who were entering menopause. The timing was good. They didn’t wait until dementia or other serious issues were firmly entrenched. However they did not use bioidentical estradiol that is the same exact chemical structure as the estrogen in your body. It makes a huge difference. Women’s hormone replacement therapy is complex because there are many forms of estrogen. You want to be sure your are using the right form for the right reason.

By now we know a trans fat is not the same as an Omega 3 fat. All estrogen is not created equal. When evaluating these studies and making decisions about your health, look beneath the surface of the headlines and find out the form of estrogen used. Always check to see if the study subjects received natural hormone replacement therapy with estradiol and progesterone. Synthetic hormones are different from bioidentical hormones and have some unwanted side effects.

The Kronos KEEPS trial showed a benefit from using bioidentical hormones on memory if started early. When estrogen is mentioned in a study or a headline, be sure to examine the type used. You may be misled.

I study the studies so you don’t have to. If you want to learn more, schedule a consultation or coaching session so you can function at your peak an look and feel your best.

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