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In this post I want to talk about how my executive health and fitness services can help you function at your peak. When discussing this subject I’m always reminded of that Rolling Stones song, you know how it goes…

“I can’t get no — satisfaction!”

That’s what I hear over and over again from patients who go for their routine physicals at other clinics, or even when they go for expensive executive health and fitness evaluations from private clinics.

During my career I have been a chief medical officer in charge of executive health and fitness, and preventative health and wellness at three fortune 100 companies. Executives would come to me with thick binders of tests that were done, and with these binders full of test results they would say to me: “Dr. Maita, I still don’t know what to do. I’m not functioning quite right and I’m not feeling as well as I could be.”

After all the time and money spent on expensive executive health and fitness tests, these executives were still not sure if they were doing the right things to maintain their health. They knew what they were doing and not doing, what they had and did not have, but didn’t know how to proceed in order to function optimally.


That’s the key word here: “optimal.” The types of executive health and fitness tests these executives went through were more like checklists. They weren’t personalized and there are big holes in them. Not to mention they provide no guidance on how to achieve optimal health.

What is optimal? It’s the difference between feeling “good” and feeling like you’re performing at your absolute best. When you get up each morning I want you to feel more than just OK. I want you to wake up each day feeling better than the day before. I want you to wake up feeling stronger mentally and physically, more efficient, and more productive.

You won’t get that kind of treatment from standard executive health screenings. However, my executive health and fitness programs will help you achieve optimal health. The Vibrance For Life® Executive Physical was personally designed by me after visiting many executive health clinics around the country and participating in their examinations. I’ve seen the limitations of other examinations, and am able to provide a more comprehensive solution.

Combine that with the fact that I have been an executive throughout my career, and I know the kinds of mental and physical stresses your body goes through. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re doing everything you can, but are still not functioning optimally.

With all of this experience I am able to offer an executive health and fitness exam. However, that will help clients achieve that elusive feeling of satisfaction, and most importantly allow them to function at an optimal level.

Vibrance For Life® Executive Health And Fitness Exam

My proprietary executive health and fitness exam is called Vibrance For Life®. I welcome you to view this page to learn more about it.

If you’re still unsure whether or not this exam is right for you, please read this post I wrote about what to expect at the doctor’s office. You’ll learn how my procedure differs from that of other clinics.

If you still have questions, please leave me a comment below.

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