executive health examsDr. Lorraine Maita MD, of Summit, NJ, was recently quoted in a top health publication regarding how to prevent complications> Therefore, that may arise when supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Maita provides her expert opinion in the article: The 5 Vitamins And Minerals You Don’t Need To Take.

“Have you have been regularly supplementing with the vitamins and minerals I mention in the article? I strongly encourage you to look into the benefits of executive health exams ,” Maita says. “That’s one way to be sure you’re taking only what you need and avoiding any potential complications.”

Prevention.com sought Maita’s expertise and published her responses on the website; which receives over 2 million unique visitors per month (Source: Compete.com). In the article Maita dispels the common belief that supplementing with calcium is crucial to one’s health.

“The newest research indicates that calcium supplements may not actually get into the bone as desired, and instead can calcify arteries and soft tissues, increasing your risk of heart disase,” states Dr. Maita in The 5 Vitamins And Minerals You Don’t Need To Take.

In addition to calcium, you’ll learn why vitamin E, iodine, iron, and vitamin B6 should be taken with caution. Read the full article here.


About Dr. Lorraine Maita, Provider of Executive Health Exams in New Jersey

Lorraine Maita, MD, founder of How to Live Younger and Vibrance for Life®, is a recognized and award-winning physician and author. Who transforms Executives’ lives by restoring their energy, vitality, clarity, creativity and motivation to achieve their dreams and goals. She helps them reclaim their strength and endurance and lose weight. So they look and feel their best and exude the confidence of a true leader. She is also available for non executive consultations.

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