Foods That Make You Fat

While we may know what foods make us fat, an interesting article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, identified how fat they actually make us.  Firstly, many of you have experiences “waist creep.” Over the years a pound here and there adds up and you no longer fit in the same size.  So let’s take a look at the “Letterman” style list and give you the top 12 foods that make you fat.

Food Rank Food Pounds Gained in 4 years
12 Butter and cheese 0.3
11 Fruit juice 0.31
10 Fried foods 0.36
9 Refined grains 0.39
8 Sweets and desserts 0.41
7 Potatoes (boiled, mashed or baked) 0.57
6 Trans fats 0.65
5 Processed meat 0.93
4 Unprocessed red meat 0.95
3 Sugar sweetened soda 1
2 Potato chips 1.69
1 French Fries 3

A takeaway is if you add up the pounds over a 10-year period, French fries tops the list and can add on 10 pounds and the others will add on less. Although, a combination of these can really pack on pounds.  So waist away by eliminating or cutting back on these foods, add more vegetables and shed those pounds. If you still can’t lose, consult a doctor who specializes in metabolic medicine to help you.

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