HCG for weight lossHCG And Weight Loss

If you’re reading this post there’s a chance you’re at least mildly familiar with HCG and weight loss. You may have even heard it referred to as an extreme diet that should be approached with caution.

Truth be told, any diet should be approached with caution, but HCG and weight loss have come a long way from when the diet previously consisted of 500 calories a day along with daily HCG treatments. If that’s what you think you’d be getting into, I’m here to dispel some myths.

HCG and Weight Loss – What We Used To Know

Like I said, HCG and weight loss has come a long way. All that used to be known about this diet is that it resulted in rapid weight loss. But how does HCG, the hormone women make when they are pregnant, cause people to lose weight?

That’s something no doctor used to be able to explain, and critics were quick to point out that it was the caloric deficit, not HCG treatments that led to the weight loss. Critics would also argue that weight lost on the HCG diet can’t be kept off.

However, there was no disputing that the HCG diet worked — but how? And could the weight loss be maintained? That’s where we come to where we’re at today.

HCG and Weight Loss – What We Know Now

After years of research on HCG and weight loss, after thousands of patients have been successfully treated, we now know a lot more about it than we used to. For example, it’s true that it’s the diet that makes you lose weight, not the HCG treatments. What the HCG treatments do is change how your body loses weight. Let me explain.

Patients report that HCG reduces how hungry you feel, which makes the restricted calorie diet more tolerable. You’re able to eat less and still feel comfortable. How does this work? What the medical community has come to believe is that when HCG is in your bloodstream it takes away your appetite. With HCG treatments it’s also possible to lose a significant amount of fat without losing muscle, which is a typical result of other diets that offer fast weight loss. It’s the loss of muscle in most diets that makes it harder to maintain weight. However since muscle burns calories the more muscle you maintain or build, the more calories you burn.


HCG treatments via injection give the most consistent results. Injections are more reliable in raising blood levels of HCG. Taking HCG via drops, pills, or sprays is inefficient because it absorption is more erratic. It has to pass through tissue or be absorbed passively by holding the tablet or drops under the tongue. All of it is not absorbed and it harder for them to enter the  bloodstream. That being said, HCG treatments should only be taken if you have a prescription from a doctor or are currently under medical supervision. Many of the forms available through the internet do not contain active ingredient or may be contaminated or adulterated so be sure your doctor had a reliable source for obtaining HCG.

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