Technology is here to stay and the growth in Health and Wellness Apps continues to rise. Whether you need to lose weight, get motivated to exercise, reduce stress, decrease exposure to toxins or manage health conditions, there are health and wellness apps that can help. I have use some and reviewed many health and wellness apps and will share some favorites

Health and Wellness Apps for Diet

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My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is one of my all time favorite health and fitness apps. It is easy to use to track your dietary intake. However, it has over 5 million foods in the database, You can also track calories burned with exercise and it links with Fit Bit, Polar Heart Rate Monitors, digital scales and many other apps. It is a great tool that will motivate you and keep you on track.

The Gluten Free Scanner & Shopwell

The Gluten Free Scanner and Shopwell are health and wellness apps that can help you shop for gluten free or allergen free products such as wheat, peanuts, soy, sesame, eggs, tree nuts, corn, shellfish, milk, lactose, sulfites, monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides by scanning the barcodes. It takes the confusion out of shopping if you have food allergies or food sensitivities.

iEatOut Gluten Free & Allergy Free

iEatOut Gluten Free & Allergy Free for a nominal fee can help you make dining choices even if you travel abroad.

Monash University Low FODMAP Diet

The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet is a great app if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It stands for Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And, Polyols.  If you have symptoms such as gas, abdominal pain, bloating and distension, and diarrhea and/or constipation a low FODMAPS diet can help.

Health and Wellness Apps for Fitness

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7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout is one of my favorite and often used health and wellness apps for exercise. If you have little time and want a good high intensity workout that is both cardio and resistance training, this app can help you do it. There are several of them. Find one that you like the best.  


Sworkit is an app that has over 50 workouts tailored to your goals and works across all of your devices. For a fee you get to choose workouts based on your goals. It was voted #1 by the American College of Sports Medicine study by Florida University on instructional exercise standards. They have a free trial so you can try Sworkit.  

Fit Radio

Fit Radio is the perfect app to tailor music to your workout and pace. Music inspires and motivates. Professional DJ’s developed their playlists and new playlists are added regularly. They also offer a free trial.

Map My Run & Map My Ride

Map My Run and Map My Ride are apps for runners and cyclists. They have route mapping software and can track your nutrition, weight and more. There are free and premium versions.

Health and Wellness Apps for Stress Management, Relaxation and Meditation

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Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation. It is recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts to help you de-stress to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. It claims to help you experience less anxiety and better sleep with their guided meditations, breathing programs and Sleep Stories.


Headspace is one of the health and wellness apps that train your mind. There are a variety of sessions to suit your mood and lifestyle. You can even choose the length of your session, replay your favorites and learn how to apply mindfulness to your everyday activities. You can try it for free then subscribe if you like it.

Health and Wellness Apps for a Chemical & Toxin Free Lifestyle

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Environmental Working Group Apps

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies, public lands, and corporate accountability. They have several very valuable apps that will help you live a chemical and toxin free lifestyle.

  • Skin Deep helps you choose skin care products
  • Dirty Dozen allows you to understand which foods to buy organic since they measure herbicide and pesticide levels in produce.

Chemical Maze

Chemical Maze by international best selling researcher and author Bill Statham is a shopping guide to help you understand what is in your food and cosmetics as well as their health effects.

Non GMO Project Shopping Guide

Non GMO Project Shopping Guide features a list of the brands and products that have been verified through the Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program. The Non-GMO Project’s program is the ONLY third-party non-GMO verification program in North America, and “Non-GMO Project Verified” is the only non-GMO claim backed by transparent and rigorous standards.

Safe Food Mum

Health and Wellness Apps for Various Conditions

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If you have a chronic health condition that needs better control such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and insomnia or want to learn more about the drugs you are taking, try the following apps:
Diabetes Tracker
Hello Heart – tracks blood pressure
Micromedex Free Drug Reference Essentials

While apps can be helpful to get on track and stay on track. Although, there is no substitute for professional guidance. Share your data with a functional medicine doctor so you can enhance and maintain your health naturally.

Dr. Lorraine Maita is a recognized and award-winning holistic, functional, and anti-aging physician and author. She transforms people’s lives by getting to the root cause of illness using the best of science and nature. Her approach is personalized, precision medicine where you are treated as the unique individual you are. If you’re ready to start your journey to a healthier, happier life, schedule your visit today!

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