Healthy Weight for Life: A Functional Medicine Approach

Did you know that more than 95% of Big pants iStock_000015463523Mediumpeople relapse from a fad diet in 5 years or less? Fad diets, quick fixes and appetite suppressants can cause long term health detriments. This fun, informative, interactive workshop shares the latest research, strategies and root cause of losing weight and keeping it off.

I want to share the weight loss secrets from my advanced weight loss, nutrition and exercise training that get to the root cause of weight gain and inability to lose it and keep it off! It is more complex than calories in and calories out.

There is never enough time in a one on one visit to share all the strategies to have a “Healthy Weight for Life.” This 90 minute workshop solves that problem.

Group Workshops are more effective, cost efficient and supportive.

In this hands-on 90 minute workshop, you will:

  • Be able to assess the root causes of your weight gain
  • Get shopping lists and menu plans that will not only help you lose weight but feel great
  • Learn how to decrease inflammation, detoxify and improve cardiovascular health
  • Develop strategies to get weight off and keep it off
  • Guided by an award winning physician, author and speaker
  • Receive Shake Bake & Salad Slimdown: 14 Days to Flatter Abs and a Slim, Sexy, Supercharged Mind and Body with no additional cost
    • A popular and proven detoxification diet
    • Includes 30 days of inspirational guidance and support via daily emails
    • Access to a closed Facebook group

This is not just a lecture. It is a hands-on experience that is:

Educational – Interactive – Effective

Participants can learn from each other and share their experiences. Even if you have done diets before, there is so much more information, which will help you get to the root cause of your weight gain.  With this knowledge, you can lose the weight and keep it off.

Some of the benefits participants achieved:

  • “I lost 10 pounds in one week”
  • “I am not puffy, or bloated anymore.”
  • “My blood sugar dropped from a high of 120 to a low of 80!”
  • “I have more energy, strength and definition!”
  • “ I don’t have to go to the bathroom 7 times a day, my heartburn is gone.”

On Tuesday, May 23 at 6:30 PM EST

64 River Road, Summit, NJ 07901

(this will be offered via LIVE stream as well if you cannot attend in person)

Cost: $100

Call 973 218-1199 or Register Below

Full refund if cancelled 24 hours before program.

No refunds within 24 hours.

This is a workshop and NOT a medical consultation. No individual medical advice will be given.

Lorraine Maita, MD is a recognized and award-winning holistic, functional and anti aging physician and author. She transforms people’s lives by getting to the root cause of illness using the best of science and nature. Her approach is personalized where you are treated as the unique individual you are. Dr. Maita served as Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director for 3 Fortune 100 companies and is an Advisory Team Member for WOR radio, the #1 news/talk radio station in the New York Metropolitan area. She has a private practice in NJ and her website is

64 River Road, Summit, NJ 07901
973 218-1199

[email protected]