hormone imbalance in menHow Hormone Imbalance in Men Can Hamper Your Health and Productivity. Have you ever heard the term “grumpy old men?” That’s how it feels and appears when there is a hormone imbalance in men. Men don’t get the dramatic signals that women do. You have to be on the lookout for symptoms of hormone imbalance in men so you can address it and be yourself again.

Low testosterone: A common hormone imbalance in men

A hormone imbalance in men such as low testosterone is experienced as a gradual decline in energy, endurance and strength as well as loss of libido, motivation, ambition and a feeling of loss of self. Men feel tired, old and grumpy, hence the term “grumpy old men.”. These symptoms start to become noticeable in mid life when men are at the peak of their careers. Some experience an inability to keep up and distance themselves from or alienate their support system. It can have a devastating impact on productivity, moving up the career ladder and jeopardize marrital and other relationships.

This can be remedied by:

  • Intensive weight training that can raise testosterone levels.
  • Green oat extract and mungbean sprout powder have been shown to release more testosterone to the tissues.
  • Testosterone replacement will raise levels. Be sure to investigate Hormone Replacement Options and choose your practitioner carefully.

High Estrogen: A hormone imbalance in men with serious health implications

You’ve seen the men with large breasts and big bellies? This not only detracts from appearance, it is a hormone imbalance in men that has some serious health consequences and is due to high estrogen. High estrogen in men can increase the risk of heart disease, infertility, increase in breast size, cause erectile dysfunction and promote hormone related cancers, osteoporosis, decreased muscle mass, fatigue and moodiness.

This can be remedied by:

  • Weight loss
  • Correcting nutritional imbalances, most notably zinc deficiency
  • Blocking the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen with chrysin or pharmaceutical aromatase inhibitors

Discuss having an intracellular micronutrient test and measuring levels with a functional medicine and anti aging doctor to avoid the dire consequences.

High DHT: A lesser known hormone imbalance in men with behavioral implications

Although, some men can be very aggressive, feel and act powerful, be short tempered and take on a lot of high risks. This hormone imbalance in men may be due to high DHT known as dihydrotestosterone. This is a metabolite of testosterone and high levels lead to aggressive behavior, short temper and risk taking as well as hair loss and possibly prostate enlargement and high blood sugar. It is a much more potent form of testosterone and it’s best to monitor levels.

This can be remedied by:

  • Lowering testosterone levels if too high
  • Blocking the 5 alpha reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT using a pharmaceutical agent
  • Protecting the prostate gland with saw palmetto and stinging nettles

This is a hormone imbalance in men that is often overlooked. Many physicians continue to raise testosterone doses when total and free testosterone levels are low. Oftentimes the low levels are due to conversion to DHT. Be sure to have levels checked by a functional medicine and anti aging doctor.

Schedule a health assessment consultation with a physician who understands hormone imbalances in men to avoid the dire health and productivity consequences.

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