Anti-Aging DoctorLorraine Maita MD Offers New Perspective on Hormone Replacement Options With Review of Recent Studies.

Dr. Lorraine Maita MD, based out of Basking Ridge, NJ, is offering a fresh perspective on hormone replacement options for men and women. Therefore, would like to draw attention to recent studies comparing bioidentical hormones to synthetic.

“Through comparing two hormone replacement options — bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones — I have found that the method of administration can noticeably alter side effects,” Dr. Maita says.

If your levels of hormones are low, you may be considering some hormone replacement options. In addition, want to know the pros and cons of each. There are several options available. Although, the two most important hormone replacement options are the route of administration and the form or type of hormone used.

Studying the effects on different routes of administration. For instance, forms such as synthetic versus bioidentical hormones and topical versus oral, led to different conclusions. Studies indicate that topical estrogen and oral natural, bioidentical progesterone may be better hormone replacement options.

“For a full overview of these studies, complete with my analysis, I encourage you to read the full writeup on my website,” Dr. Maita adds.

Hormone Replacement Options for Men and Women

To read Dr. Maita’s analysis and recommendations based on these recent studies, please read her article on hormone replacement options for men and women.

About Lorraine Maita, MD: 

Lorraine Maita, MD, founder of Vibrance for Life®, is a recognized and award-winning physician and author. Furthermore, who transforms Executives’ lives by restoring their energy, vitality and clarity. In addition, creativity and motivation to achieve their dreams and goals. She helps them reclaim their strength and endurance. Furthermore, lose weight so they look and feel their best and exude the confidence of a true leader.

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