how do i know if i have low testosteroneHow Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone

They experience many of the symptoms of low testosterone. So how do you know if you have low testosterone? The common symptoms are a loss of muscle mass, strength and endurance as well as, low libido.


Not every man or woman experiences the most common symptoms. Men can take the Aging Male Symptom Questionnaire, which may be able to answer the question, how do you know if you have low testosterone? This questionnaire was validated by studies and positive answers to the questions correlated with low testosterone. The symptoms are rated by severity and are as follows:

  • Decline in feelings of wellbeing
  • Joint pain and muscle aches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sleep problems
  • Increased need for sleep and often feeling tired
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Physical exhaustion, lacking vitality
  • Decrease in muscular strength
  • Depressive mood
  • Feeling that you have passed your peak
  • Feeling burnt out or having hit rock bottom
  • Decrease in beard growth
  • Decrease in ability or frequency to perform sexually
  • Decrease in the number of morning erections
  • Decrease in sexual desire/libido


If you are a woman, how do you know if you have low testosterone? It may not be obvious but some of the symptoms are the same as a man. Therefore, you can have all of he symptoms above, however you may also have:

  • Emotional lability
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Loss of pubic, armpit and body hair

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone – Conclusion

While symptoms and questionnaires can be a good indicator, the best answer to the question, how do you know if you have low testosterone is to get blood levels measured. It is also important to not only get total testosterone, the free testosterone and DHT or dihydrotestosterone are also important. Be sure to have a thorough evaluation by a physician familiar with natural, bioidentical hormone replacement and all of the factors that can affect your hormone levels to once and for all answer the question how do you know if you have low testosterone. For instance, your lifestyle affects your hormones and everyone metabolizes them differently. Getting the complete picture and being monitored by a professional can enhance the effect and avoid complications.

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