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Kathy D’Agati

Kathy D’Agati is healing-foods crusader driven by her passion to end our modern-day epidemic of autoimmune disease and chronic conditions like acid reflux, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and persistent weight gain to name a few. Her most recent studies also focus on the powerful healing effects of food on the brain.

Kathy lost both her parents a few years ago after a slow, painful decline. Witnessing the devastating final years of her once vibrant, successful and dynamic loved ones was a driving force for change in her life. She has become an advocate for changing the paradigm of “aging in America.” She leads by example and serves as both a teacher and a guide to help clients restore their health and create active lifestyles.

Kathy teaches committed men and women how to nourish themselves and their families, so they can live vibrant, healthy lives at every age. She continually updates her programs as she studies with Dr. Lorraine Maita, a functional medicine doctor on the cutting edge of nutrition science.

Kathy’s compassionate coaching educates, inspires and empowers her clients to achieve their long sought-after goals. Using her many years of training and experience, she quickly identifies the obstacles that derailed success in the past and finds innovative ways to move beyond the barriers to achieve lasting success. Kathy is a 2007 graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with a certification from Columbia Teachers College. Kathy studied with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, a teacher at Functional Medicine University, and became a Certified Gluten Practitioner in 2016.

She loves educating through public speaking and her writings are frequently published in Natural Awakenings magazine.

Kathy’s mission is to teach people how to listen to the wisdom of their bodies and learn the healing power of food.