Live Better Longer by Reversing the Aging Process. Aging can be challenging. As we age, hormones decline, our immune system becomes impaired, memory is elusive, our muscles waste, our skin sags and this may cause frailty and is a set up for illness. If we look at how we age, we get rusty, crusty, fat and inflamed. This means the process of oxidation (rusty) which occurs naturally when we eat and exercise and even when we sleep, leads to inflammation which is the root cause of illness.

Diets high in processed foods can lead to glycation which is sugar binding to protein in a body that is over 98 degrees, this makes our body parts crusty like a honey baked ham and changes the structure and function of body parts. An example would be a cataract yet this happens everywhere in our bodies such as our brains, nerves, and kidneys. Muscle wasting is replaced by fat and our mitochondria, the cells engines get filled with toxic debris, they can’t get the nutrient fuel they need, don’t have enough antioxidants to stop damage and cells die.

Researchers examined the major factors that age us. They are the deficiency of glutathione, the master antioxidant and detoxifier, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, insulin resistance, dysfunction of the endothelium lining of the blood vessels, body fat that stores toxins, toxins, decreased muscle strength, gait speed, exercise capacity, and cognitive function.

Small group exercise class

What if there was a way to slow or reverse this process?

There is and I will show you how. A new study shows a supplement combination to be helpful in actually reversing some of the signs of aging. Before we get to that, the fundamentals have to be addressed. You can’t continue a poor lifestyle and expect one tiny dose of a supplement to be able to counterbalance the effects of a poor lifestyle. Live Better Longer by Reversing the Aging Process isn’t that hard to obtain.


Yes, you have to eat whole, natural foods that have a low sugar content and low glycemic index with a high nutritional value and lots of antioxidants.

  • A low glycemic diet will slow down insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and stop the glycation or crust of sugar binding to protein.
  • High antioxidant content of colorful fruit and vegetables (1-2 fruit and 8 vegetables/day) can stave off the rust or oxidation that breaks us down.
  • Anti inflammatory fats such as fish, olives, avocado, nuts, seeds and their oils and cutting back on inflammatory saturated fat found in meat, dairy, processed food and grains will stop the fire of inflammation that leads to everything from arthritis, autoimmune, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more.


There is no better way to build muscle mass than with resistance training. You don’t have to lift heavy weights to stay toned and strong. You can use your own body weight and gradually increase the load.

  • Aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular health and brain function as well as supplies oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body.
  • Resistance exercise builds muscle, bone, strength and guards against frailty.

A combination of both is important to achieve overall fitness and maintain lean body mass as well as burn fat. I like doing a few rounds of the 7 Minute Workout to address both.

Mitochondrial Health

What are mitochondria? They are the engines in each and every cell of your body that burns fuel and keeps cells alive. As cells die, you can shrivel up and break down. These mitochondria are sensitive to lack of nutrients or toxins.

  • Remove as many toxins as you can by eating more organic food, drinking clean, purified water, replacing toxic cleaning and personal care products with non toxic products and if need be, filter your air.
  • Supplements with lots of B vitamins, glutathione, NADH, l-carnitine, α-lipoic acid and magnesium are food for your mighty mitochondria that work around the clock to keep every cell and system humming. There is another secret supplement that does wonders for your overall health.

Now the secret supplement… N-acetylcysteine

A human clinical trial published in Clinical and Translational Medicine suggests that older (70-80) individuals taking GlyNAC—a combination of glycine and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) found that taking gly/NAC for 24 weeks improved all of the dysfunction or defects affecting older adults. Some dysfunction or defects reversed to the levels found in young adults! The results disappeared after stopping the supplement for 12 weeks.

The defects mentioned above that reversed are: glutathione deficiency, which is the master antioxidant and detoxifier, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, insulin resistance, endothelial (the lining of the blood vessels) dysfunction, body fat, toxins, muscle strength, gait speed, exercise capacity, and cognitive function. These are the things that age us and by addressing them, the study showed a reversal of the aging process!

Researchers believe this supplement combination works because older adults don’t synthesize glutathione the master antioxidant and detoxifier due to lack of the ingredients needed to make it such as N-acetylcysteine and glycine. Glutathione can recirculate other antioxidants and help your liver detoxify the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Oxidation leads to inflammation and this leads to breakdown and conditions associated with aging and destroys mitochondrial function. Stopping the oxidation in its tracks and removing toxins that interfere with mitochondrial function is one big step in aging less.

The Power of 3

The combination of glycine and NAC (N-acetylcysteine) has the following effects:

  1. Glutathione corrects oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction.
  2. Glycine is a methyl-group donor that is important for normal brain function.
  3. N-acetylcysteine is a cysteine donor and is important in energy metabolism.


Live Better Longer by Reversing the Aging Process Conclusion:

No supplement alone will reverse the aging process. Have a functional medicine doctor evaluate your overall health, environment and lifestyle factors that contribute to aging. Take advantage of the power of 3 and buy good quality supplements from an authorized distributor. Many sold on the internet are fakes that don’t have enough of the reported ingredients. Furthermore, may be contaminated with heavy metals even if they are organic. Buyer beware. Become supplement savvy and get discounts on top quality supplements direct from the manufacturer or authorized distributor that stores and ships them to preserve quality. Sign up for the free educational series with access to the best quality supplements at a discount. Age less and live better because you can!