executive health examsLorraine Maita MD Opens New Location In Basking Ridge, Adds Genetic Panel To Executive Health Exams.

Dr. Lorraine Maita MD is happy to announce the opening of a new location to better serve her clients, as well as the addition of a genetic panel to her executive health exams. The new location will opening in the Fischer Health & Rehabilitation Clinic, located at 413 King George Rd. Suite 205 in Basking Ridge, NJ. Dr. Maita’s new location will be opened in mid-to-late November. An exact opening date is yet to be announced.

In another effort to better serve clients, Dr. Maita has added the option for a genetic panel on her executive health exams. With this addition, Dr. Maita will help clients choose the best diet, exercise, and nutrients. After that, will administer biofeedback training. This will help to reduce stress and allow clients to achieve a state of coherence. Moreover, flow that improves creativity, decision making and overall health. In addition, the executive health exams include tests for arterial stiffness. As well as, nitric oxide that are a good indicator of cardiovascular health. If issues are detected early, they can be turned around and reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke and poor circulation.

Dr. Maita states,

“I have seen what the leading executive health exams include, and while they are valuable, they leave out important information regarding how someone is functioning as well as how to improve physical and mental function. I fill in the gaps of what others leave out. My patients state that they turn around their health and look and feel younger and healthier as well as perform better in their business and personal life.”

The Vibrance for Life Executive Health Exams are proprietary evaluations based on science. The program was developed by Dr. Maita.

The executive health exams offer the following:

  • Personalized evaluations that diagnose and treat physical and mental function and performance
  • Specific recommendations for obtaining optimal performance
  • Cutting-edge, cost-effective strategies and tests that get at the root cause of what’s getting in the way of optimal functioning
  • Customized care by an award-winning physician

For more information about the Vibrance for Life Executive Health Exams, please see full details on her website.

About Lorraine Maita, MD:

Lorraine Maita, MD, founder of Vibrance for Life®, is a recognized and award-winning physician and author, who transforms Executives’ lives by restoring their energy, vitality, clarity, creativity and motivation to achieve their dreams and goals. She helps them reclaim their strength and endurance and lose weight so they look and feel their best and exude the confidence of a true leader.

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