Low Libido Symptoms & Treatments - How to Live YoungerLow Libido Symptoms & Treatments. Not feeling sexy?  Not interested in sex?  Feeling too tired for sex?  Many people have varying levels of interest in sex throughout their life.  It’s common for the libido to change as life changes.  If you are someone that has an extended period of low libido symptoms, it might be an indication of deeper health issues.  Low libido symptoms can occur on their own or with other symptoms. However, in both men and women such as adrenal fatigue and/or low energy.  In women, menstrual difficulties can also occur with low libido symptoms.

There are many reasons for symptoms of low libido.  Low libido symptoms can be caused by medical, psychological, emotional issues or a combination of all three.  

Common medical causes for low libido symptoms include hormone imbalance; chronic pain; obesity; depression; cancer; erectile dysfunction; arthritis; high blood pressure; coronary heart disease; neurological disease; and/or certain medications including birth control pills, narcotic pain medications, anti-depressants, cold medications, and high blood pressure medications.

Low libido symptoms could also result from lack of communication and/or closeness with partner, low self-esteem, poor body image, over-working, burnout and / or stress.  Other causes could be psychologically based such as mood swings, depression or anxiety.

Treatments for low libido symptoms are varied.  It is best to seek the expertise of a functional medicine doctor. Therefore, to help determine and treat the underlying causes for low libido symptoms.  Many treatments include lifestyle choices such as improving your diet. Therefore, exercising more regularly; and managing stress through yoga, meditation, acupuncture or other techniques.

If it is determined that the low libido symptoms are the result of hormone imbalances, a functional medicine doctor can help you determine the best and most safe treatment for you.  Any hormone if it’s too high or too low will have side effects.  We are all dynamic human beings. What you eat, drink, and think, the amounts of sleep, exercise and stress as well as your environmental and toxic exposure will affect your hormones.  

Seemingly simple treatments, such as over the counter creams and plant estrogens. In addition, Black Cohosh (Macafem) can be of limited help and can have side effects.  It is important to know the cause for the low libido symptoms before treating the symptom.  The best and most effective treatment for low libido symptoms is most often a blend of lifestyle choices, supplements and hormone replacement therapy.  A functional medicine doctor can determine the cause of low libido symptoms and help you determine the best treatment for your low libido symptoms.

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