If your libido is low, it not only affects your relationships or fulfillment and pleasure in life, it can also be a sign of an underlying problem. Getting to and treating the root cause as well as providing low libido treatment can have many benefits.

Low libido treatment may:

  • Enhance pleasure and desire
  • Promote intimacy and improve relationships
  • Decrease stress and release tension

To be most effective, low libido treatment must address the following:

  • Fatigue is often a significant contributing factor. Addressing diet, supplements, stress management and lifestyle that affect energy and sleep are critical for treatment of low libido.
  • Underlying illness such as infection, inflammation, diabetes, cancer, pain and other ailments can have a profound affect on libido.
  • Hormone imbalance such as low thyroid, testosterone, estrogen and DHEA and high cortisol can dampen libido and can be modulated. How you metabolize these interchangeable hormones is critical. Some physicians only address one aspect of this such as testosterone levels. However low libido treatment must be more comprehensive to achieve all of the benefits.
  • Relationship issues can affect libido. Awareness and intention go a long way to bring the romance back and regain the pleasure and desire that was meant to be.

Choosing the right physician who can address the complexity, get to the root cause and address all of the factors with treatment of low libido will not only improve your libido but your overall health.

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