Executive Physical Exam & Comprehensive Physical

If you’re wondering whether or not an executive physical is right for you, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have family or company who are depending on you and you function sub-optimally or become ill?
  • Have you noticed that you don’t have the same clarity, quickness, vigor and vitality of youth?
  • Are you concerned that a routine physical or a high tech diagnostic exam is missing something?
  • Does your doctor say you’re normal or that you’re just getting old?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you could potentially benefit from an executive physical. Here is some more information about them.

Executive Physical: Choose to Be Fit

Whether you are an executive of a large corporation or the head of your household, you are in charge of your most important asset – your health. When you have people depending on you, you can and must function optimally.


With an executive physical, you CAN feel great again!

A partnership with an experienced and caring integrative physician, like me, can take you from good to great! I can help you:

  • Be healthy and productive and look and feel your best
  • Be slim, strong, sharp, supercharged and enjoy quality of life
  • Lose weight and lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.
  • Decrease the frequency of colds, sore throat, diarrhea and other infections
  • Prevent or reverse chronic illness such as irritable bowel, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, and more
  • Save time and money by decreasing doctors’ visits, medications, cost of illness, and lack of productivity

Executive Physical Programs for Staying Healthier

executive-health-table2A standard executive physical or executive health examination won’t help you achieve these things – it will only tell you if you do or do not have cancer, heart disease or overt illness.They determine what is normal and not what is optimal. Even if you are normal, you may be on the verge of illness. These exams focus on early detection not function and are not preventive.

The Vibrance for Life ® Executive Physical looks at what other exams do not. I partner with you to take a comprehensive look at how you are functioning physically, mentally, metabolically, hormonally, nutritionally – and evaluate your genetic blueprint to put all of the pieces together. Together we create a specific plan of action that will help you feel and function better so you can achieve everything you want in life and in work.

The Vibrance for Life ® Executive Physical is unique and individualized.

  • It’s high touch not high-tech – I spend time with you and answer your questions.
  • I get to know you – I customize the approach and give you personalized service.
  • It’s realistic – We partner to create a comprehensive plan you can live with
  • It’s a fresh look at you – You see your potential for feeling better and doing all the things you really want to do.

The time to get healthy and stay healthy is NOW. Don’t suffer any longer. Get a Comprehensive Physical or Executive Physical by scheduling a consultationCall 973 218-1199

“I can’t say enough about the value of the Spectracell Comprehensive Micronutrient test or about working with Dr.Maita. Not only did she recommend the vitamins and minerals I needed to start with, but she helped me tweak the list and dosages through this whole time, which enabled me to tolerate many of the treatments I was getting. When I took the Spectracell test this March, the results were astonishing. I had been taking mega doses of B12 sublingually and in regular blood tests, my level looked fine, but I had little energy. As a result of the Spectracell results, it showed I was not absorbing the B12 so I’ve been taking B12 shots daily for 2 months now. I can’t say that I’m ready for a marathon, but I have been able to go to the gym a couple of times a week – a major accomplishment for me. Dr. Maita says it takes time…I trust her.” – DW 

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