Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

If you say “yes!” to any of the following questions, then hormone replacement therapy for women might be for you:

  • Are you tired, grumpy, have mood swings, weight gain and not feeling like yourself anymore?
Does your doctor tell you that you are normal or just getting old?
  • Do you want to be slim, sharp, sexy and supercharged?

At any age or stage your hormones may be out of balance. By working with a doctor who has expertise in hormone replacement therapy for women you can feel like yourself again!

How Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women Can Help You

Young women may be suffering from PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and all of their associated symptoms such as mood swings, weight gain, tender breasts, cramps, irritability, fatigue and headaches.

Perimenopausal women (30’s to 50’s) may suffer from irregular or heavy periods, fibroids, hair loss, headaches, mood swings, bloating, weight gain and cramps at various times throughout their cycles.

Menopausal women may feel loss of libido, confidence, self esteem, and dryness and have any or all of the “Seven Dwarfs of Menopause” such as feeling itchy, bitchy, sweaty, bloaty, sleepy, forgetful and “psycho.”

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get a hormone evaluation to see if hormone replacement therapy for women is right for you.

Contact Me Today For Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Studies show that the earlier you start hormones when symptomatic and low, the better the outcome. Hormone replacement therapy for women can not only relieve your symptoms, hormones can:

  • Build and maintain bone, muscle mass, skin tone and libido
  • Lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and cardiovascular risk factors
Improve self-confidence, memory, mood, energy, strength and vitality

After working with me, patients feel like themselves again and regain their health, energy and vitality.

I’m not only a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy for women, I’m also a female and male hormone doctor and functional medicine physician who also understands anti aging medicine, genetics and metabolism. I perform hormone replacement therapy at all of the various stages of life.

I evaluate all of the hormones that affect each other such as adrenal cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and their metabolites. For women facing menopause natural hormone replacement can greatly improve their quality of life.
Your environment and lifestyle affects your hormones.

What you eat drink, think, how much you sleep and exercise, as well as your environment affects your hormones. As a holistic female and male hormone doctor, I also evaluate the effect of your environment and lifestyle on your hormones.

After modifying these factors, if your hormones are still low, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy for women. Replacing your hormones with bioidentical hormones that are the same structure as those you produce naturally in your body may be the best option.

Hormone replacement therapy for women is fully customized. Schedule a consultation 973 218-1199 to determine if hormone replacement therapy would be beneficial for you. You will get a customized program to meet your individual needs.

The time to get healthy and stay healthy is NOW. Don’t suffer any longer. Get hormone replacement therapy for women by scheduling a consultationCall 973 218-1199.

“I was extremely tired, not able to focus, had trouble sleeping and in general did not feel well. Going to Dr. Maita has/is a very positive experience. You are a caring, conscientious Dr. who takes a great deal of time to listen and then respond with positive reinforcement and good medical practices. I am now using Bioidentical hormones, which have helped me feel better in general. I now sleep better and do not feel as though the world is crushing down around me. As a result of your treatment, I am better able to cope with life’s challenges.” – MJW, founder of Because We Are Women



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