If you can relate to any of the following questions, then treatment for hypothyroidism may be able to help:

  • Are you gaining weight or finding it hard to lose?
  • Do you suffer from mental fog, constipation, brittle nails or hair loss?
  • Are you tired, depressed, forgetful or have cold hands and feet?

These are common symptoms of low thyroid. All thyroid conditions are not the same. It is important to find the root cause before starting treatment for hypothyroidism. However most health care practitioners limit your diagnostic work up to just one screening marker- TSH! Yet, you may have:

  • Antibodies that are attacking your thyroid
  • Blocking hormones
  • Inability to activate your thyroid hormone
  • Other hormone imbalances may also be contributing to low or hypothyroidism.

You won’t find anything you don’t look for. It is important to get an evaluation by a functional medicine doctor who will look at all of the factors that contribute to low thyroid and correct the root cause. The type of treatment for hypothyroidism you receive may differ if you have autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis versus low thyroid due to infection, nutritional deficiency, blocking hormones and other conditions.

Normal and optimal are also not the same. The range of normal is wide, however if you are at the lower end of the range with symptoms, you will still be told you are normal and will not get treatment for hypothyroidism.

A comprehensive evaluation is essential to correct the root cause. Get a comprehensive evaluation of your thyroid antibodies, free T3, free T4, reverse T3 and TSH, nutritional status, hormone levels including cortisol and iodine levels.

The time to get healthy and stay healthy is NOW. Don’t suffer any longer. Get treatment for hypothyroidism by scheduling a consultation. Call 973 218-1199.

“I battled for three years trying to lose 30 pounds and Dr. Maita, who I have known and admired for many years heard of my battle and suggested that she could help me lose the weight I wanted. “In the first 28 days on this diet I lost 26 pounds, which I could not believe, and it gave me the motivation I needed to continue to maintain healthy eating habits to ensure I would not gain any weight back. Within the next 7 days I was able to reach my goal of 30 pounds. I was also able to stop my blood pressure medication. I owe a lot to Dr. Maita and I feel like a new person. I am glad I did it and would recommend Dr. Maita and her professional services to anyone who wants to live life to its fullest! ” – W.Z.

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