• Do you suffer from mood swings, weight gain, cramps, heavy periods or other symptoms of PMS?
  • Do you want other choices besides “the pill” or antidepressants treatment for PMS?
  • Are you ready to feel stable and happy throughout your cycle?

While there is no cure for PMS, there is safer and more natural treatment for PMS to help regulate your cycle, moods and minimize the effects of hormone swings. With the guidance and support of a physician who understands and treats you as a whole person, you can look and feel better.

Natural Treatment for PMS can:

  • Eliminate or minimize cramps
  • Decrease fluid retention and bloating
  • Modulate moods and lift depression
  • Relieve anxiety and become calmer
  • Minimize or eliminate menstrual migraines

A comprehensive evaluation is essential to correct the root cause to determine the best treatment for PMS. What you eat, drink, think and how much you sleep can affect your hormones. Correcting nutritional deficiencies and balancing hormones along with herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes can give you relief so you can be yourself again.

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