One Day Can Change Your Life – A New Perspective on the Annual Physical

Take your “Annual Physical” to a whole new level and learn how to prevent or reverse the chronic degenerative diseases of aging and restore the energy and vitality of your youth. Once you have had the traditional or technological “Annual Physical” and have been “scoped and scanned” to detect early cancers, heart disease, and aneurysms, you are left with a gap about how you are functioning. You can fill in the gaps left from “traditional” or “high tech” exams that focus on screening and instead focus on function.

There is a value in getting the high tech screening exams. However, it is a convenient and an effective time saver to get everything in a single day at “Executive Clinics” across the country. However, many patients who have gone through these extensive examinations, have issues that go undetected. Although, may need ongoing support and follow up. Much of the time is spent waiting for a test or performing a test.

Annual Physical Importance

Every year is too much to have the same scans and scopes. In between these, would be a good time to fill in the gaps of what is left out and to get another perspective. The Living Younger Program performed by Lorraine Maita MD in Short Hills, NJ looks at your physical and mental biomarkers of aging. After that, determines how you compare to your age group and evaluates your nutrition, metabolism, hormones, lifestyle, stressors and preventive strategies. The scope of your examination and the amount of practical information you are given is more comprehensive. Therefore, revealing than a standard physical exam or consultation and different from traditional Executive Physicals.

The approach is proactive to identify your risk of future disease. Create a personalized program to improve your health and maintain an active lifestyle. You’ll discover how to make simple and easy changes in nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Furthermore, be given a customized prescription for natural dietary supplements as well as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, if needed. This can effectively prevent or reverse the chronic degenerative diseases of aging. Many people can eliminate or reduce the amount of medication they are on. After that, report renewed energy and vitality, strength, improved body composition, immune function, clarity and more.

One Day Can Change Your Life – A New Perspective on the Annual Physical Takeaway:

Take control of your life and your health. Investing in your health can pay dividends in optimizing your health. Therefore, performance and productivity in both your personal and professional life. Get a life enhancing, life extending physical exam today.

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