• Are you feeling anxious, irritable, gaining weight and losing sleep?
  • Do you feel like you are losing your mind, hair, self esteem and sex drive?
  • Are your periods heavy or irregular and do you suffer from fibrocystic breasts or fibroids?
  • Does your doctor want to give you anti depressant or anti anxiety medication and you want to get to the root cause?

These are common symptoms of perimenopause that occur in women in their 40’s and 50’s and as early as the 30’s. While there is no cure, there is natural perimenopause treatment. With the guidance and support of a physician who understands and treats you as a whole person, you can look and feel better.

Perimenopause treatment can:

  • Restore sleep, weight, and hair
  • Lift and stabilize your mood
  • Minimize cycle irregularities
  • Regain your sex drive
  • Relieve fibrocystic breasts
  • Stop the growth of fibroids

A comprehensive evaluation is essential to correct the root cause to determine the best perimenopause treatment. Many of the symptoms are due to estrogen dominance and lack of progesterone. Modifying your diet, correcting nutritional deficiencies and using natural, bioidentical progesterone and possibly other hormones, along with herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes can give you relief so you can be yourself again.

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