preventive health carePreventive Health Care: The Secret to a Long Life.

Preventative health care is critical to having a long, healthy, and happy life. But there’s a big difference between preventative health care and health care that focuses on early detection.

The difference lies in what the goal of the health care regime is. If the goal is to find illness before it becomes a problem, it’s early detection. This includes a number of tests and screenings that you can get regularly at most doctors.

In fact, I do a lot of these same tests and screenings with the standard Executive Physical. I’m looking for problems before they become a major issue, and by working together, we may even be able to reverse some of the issues we find.

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But there’s another level of health care that goes beyond this. Preventative health care focuses instead on strategies to stop illness and other issues before they even occur.

We’re not looking for existing problems. We’re stopping future problems before they start.

Preventative Health Care — A Superior Form of Care

“The superior physician helps before the early budding of disease”—Huang Ti (2697–2597 BCE)

I want to share a statistic with you from an article in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. In this article, Preventative Health Care, Drs. Patterson and Chambers both share an amazing statistic:

Up to 70% of disease may be preventable.

That’s an almost absurdly high number. A great deal of this relies on preventative health care issues that many of us have been familiar with for decades. Quitting smoking, not drinking so much, getting more exercise, eating better—this is not news. This can help you get back to feeling “normal.”

But what if normal isn’t good enough. In today’s society, “normal” looks pretty bad—overweight, on several medications, suffering from aches and pains. But what if you’re already participating in all these preventative health strategies? What if you’re doing everything the doctor or whoever is telling you to do, but you just feel…normal.

Here are some strategies you can employ today to start feeling optimal.

Preventative Health Care Strategies that Help You Feel Optimal

While there are many different strategies that you can implement to prevent a variety of illness, I’m going to focus on 2 major ones in this article. For a full list of preventative health care strategies, sign up for the Vibrance for Life ® Executive Physical, which focuses more on preventative health care.

Tip #1—Eat More Vegetables

I’ve talked a little bit before about how eating more fruits and vegetables is so excellent for optimal health in general (you can read the full article here). Adding alliums, cruciferous vegetables, and colorful carotenoids to your diet is a great way to prevent a variety of illnesses, including cancer.

Tip #2—Get More Sleep

It can often be hard in this fast-paced world to get your recommended 6-8 hours of sleep every night, but it’s critical to creating a slim, sharp, sexy, and supercharged version of you! Lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain and other nasty illnesses.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, read my article on how to get to the root cause of your sleeplessness.

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