The rapid succession of holidays this time of year all have one major theme in common: an overabundance of food. After celebrating the season with handfuls of Halloween candy, a plump Thanksgiving turkey and sugary Christmas cookies, many people are eager to quickly drop that extra holiday weight. You’ve probably seen or heard of a number of diets that promise a significant weight loss in a matter of days, but do they really work? Simply put, no – and they could actually make it harder for you to lose weight in the future. This holiday season, skip the quick weight loss diet fads and develop healthier habits that will provide you with long-lasting effects.

Why Quick Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work

Diets that advertise a five-pound weight loss or more in as little as a week are generally centered around “miracle products” and/or drastically reducing your caloric intake for a brief span of time. While you might experience the weight loss promised during your diet, maintaining it will be nearly impossible once you return to your old eating habits.

Think of your body like a rubber band, snapping back to the shape it knows best if not “re-trained” by a healthier lifestyle over an extended period of time. On top of that, quick weight loss diets based on weight loss products with drastic calorie reduction may rob your body of the vitamins, proteins, and nutrients needed to function optimally. This can weaken your immune system, deplete your muscle mass, and trigger your body to begin storing excess fat. Some products may also be laced with drugs and/or chemicals that can be harmful.

Healthy Ways to Quickly Lose Weight (and Keep It Off)

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Hot cocoa, eggnog, and spiked cider might be the flavors of the season, but they’re also loaded with excess sugars that could be silently packing on the extra pounds. While someone watching their weight might think twice before taking a slice of pie for dessert, they could actually be taking in the same amount of sugar (or more!) in just one artificially sweetened beverage. Train your brain to steer clear from drinks made with artificial flavors in order to reduce the amount of sugar that could be working against your weight loss efforts.

nutrition doctor njEat Lean Protein

It’s no secret that a protein-rich diet is a must have for healthy muscles and a quicker metabolism. However, a juicy Angus beef double cheeseburger might not be the most effective way of achieving your protein quota while trying to lose weight. Instead, opt for lean proteins such as beans (like chickpeas or kidney), light fish (like trout or sole) and skinless white meat (like chicken or turkey breast). These lean proteins will promote quick weight loss by providing you with the same amount of protein as fattier alternatives, without the additional calories. While this might mean skipping or reducing your portion of your uncle’s famous roast beef recipe at your next family dinner, your slimmer, trimmer waistline will thank you later.

Work Out Regularly

When it comes to quick weight loss, eating well must also be supplemented by a regular workout routine. If you’re searching for the perfect workout for rapid results, look no further than high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT workouts effectively burn fat and build muscle through a variety of quick, intense cardio workouts combined with moderately paced activities. HIIT has many proven benefits for those looking to quickly lose weight, such as boosting metabolism, improving aerobic fitness, and rapidly burning a large number of calories. As an added bonus, HIIT workouts also have a number of anti-aging benefits to keep you looking and feeling your youngest from the inside out.

functional health doctor new jerseyLosing Weight the Healthy Way

The holiday season should be spent enjoying time with loved ones. Not preoccupying yourself with potentially dangerous diets that serve no long-term benefit. Making a few slight lifestyle modifications can provide you with the quick weight loss you’re looking for. While also helping you feel younger, healthier and happier for longer. It is important to note that the term “quick” is subjective, so be sure to discuss your weight loss goals with a functional medicine doctor in order to establish a timeline, diet and fitness routine best fit for your individual needs.
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