Sandy is passionate about helping those who are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or trapped in the stresses and demands of their day to day lives to find more energy, joy and peace in the present moment.

We can become so busy DOING that we forget how to connect to our inner BEING, which is where our power is. Sandy believes the deepest and most truly lasting level of self-care is in strengthening your connection to your own inner being. By strengthening your connection to your own inner being, she believes you can access your power at any time so that external circumstances – like the challenges of meeting the demands of work or family – don’t weigh you down.

With over 26 years of corporate experience, Sandy understands the struggles and challenges of balancing the demands of work, family, relationships, and life events. Her own personal experiences of moving through health challenges, grief, loss and transition have inspired Sandy’s own personal journey of reconnecting to
her inner being through contemplative practices of self-exploration, meditation, mindfulness and energy recalibration.

As a certified Meditation and Stress Management Instructor and energy work practitioner, Sandy helps you see how these practices can be practically and easily applied to everyday life so you can reconnect to the power you have within you to create the life you want from a place of presence, harmony, contentment, and joy.


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