Secrets to a Successful Weight Loss. Are you frustrated with trying to lose weight? Do you feel like you have done everything and nothing works? Don’t you wish you could just reset your metabolism? Having guided thousands of people through various types of weight loss programs over decades, I will share some weight loss secrets. Each by itself is powerful, however when you combine all of the components, the results are astounding.

Ketogenic Diet

Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet is a fast and easy way to lose weight. Stick to chicken, fish, grass fed organic meat and vegetables and low glycemic fruit and watch the pounds shed. The bonus is that biomarkers such as blood sugar, cholesterol and a marker of inflammation called CRP short for C-Reactive Protein also normalize. The diet is also anti inflammatory and is helpful if you have neurologic or autoimmune disorders.

Intermittent Fasting

Many cultures and religions include intermittent fasting as part of a cleansing ritual. This is a good way to lower insulin levels and give your gut a much needed rest. Food raises insulin levels and insulin will store calories as fat if not immediately burned. The more insulin you have, the less effective it becomes so you need more to keep blood sugar stable.

This is called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is linked to many problems such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and belly fat), diabetes, obesity and heart disease. There are many ways to do intermittent fasting and the most popular is eating in an 8 hour window and fasting for 16 hours. Some people fast for a few days a week or go on longer fasts, however this should be done under medical supervision. The 8:16 is the easiest to do and can give your metabolism a boost by lowering insulin levels.


Most people have a lot of commitments and many make and keep commitments to others before they keep commitments to themselves. Is that you? Do you put yourself last on the list? Do you make it easy to find really good reasons to not eat right, exercise or give up when you are overwhelmed? Having someone such as an accountability buddy who will help you stay on track and give perspective regarding how you can best keep your commitments to yourself as well as others is a proven path for success.


Many people eat to celebrate or when they are bored, tired or frustrated. We have ingrained habits and belief systems that may be conscious or unconscious. These habits and beliefs can hold you back from achieving your goals and/or derail you when you reach them. It can feel so defeating to lose weight only to gain it back. Changing your beliefs, mindset and habits takes some inner work. Working with a coach or hypnotherapist can help you move past obstacles, change your limiting beliefs and mindset and free you of habits that derail you in any aspect of your life. Coaching can be a transformative experience. Every athlete, CEO or high performing person has had coaching to get to the place the want to be quicker and easier.

Metabolic Reset

Your hormones control your cellular function and are a big contributor to weight gain. What you eat, drink, how much you sleep and the amount of exercise you do all affects your hormones. To truly reset your metabolism, you have to reset your hormones with food choices that don’t put your hormones on a roller coaster ride, getting enough sleep, managing your stress, avoiding too many stimulating substances such as caffeine and alcohol, and getting the right amount of exercise. Too much or too little exercise can affect cortisol levels which can pack on the pounds.

Addressing all of these aspects can make a dramatic difference and give you lasting weight loss. If you need more personalized support and guidance, visit here, to find out if a Metabolic Reset Program is right for you.