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NovblogpicOur health care has become... Read More
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blogpic0513Hardened arteries, weak, brittle bones, cancer and heart disease are major contributors of aging. Research suggests that Vitamin K can have... Read More
With all the fuss about Healthcare Reform, perhaps we can shift our thinking to Self Care Reform. Would you make 4 lifestyle changes to avoid many of the major chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, which in large part are preventable? “Healthy Living Is the ... Read More
Consider cutting health care costs by cutting calories. Perhaps the culprit also the quality of the food we eat. Films such as Food Inc and Supersize Me have been eye opening shedding some light on how our foods are processed and the effect it has on our health. Hefty headlines speak loudly about th... Read More
Plastic is light, disposable and makes our life easier. Before you stock up on bottled water or other plastic coated packaged goods, consider the health as well as environmental impact. Bisphenol A (BPA) is used to manufacture rigid plastic used to make infant feeding bottles, plates, mugs, jugs, be... Read More
Are you aging prematurely or at an accelerated rate and are you willing to change your lifestyle to enjoy a better quality of life? On Janurary 15, 2010, The New York Times wrote an article called Vigor Quest featuring Cenegenics Age Management Institute and one of its leaders, Jeffrey Life, a docto... Read More