VIDEO – Executive Physical – Short Hills, NJ

I have spent over 20 years in Fortune 100 companies caring for executives. Many go for the same Executive Health Physical year after year and come back with the same information. They get the same package of diagnostic tests or procedures that can give some assurance that they don’t have cancer or heart disease. However, their brain function, hormones and productivity may be slipping and will go un noticed until they are too far gone.

Some of the exams expose you to high dose radiation and may give you a false sense of security. Other exams are necessary for prevention and early detection of disease. However if you keep getting the same things over and over again you may be missing some important pieces.

If you don’t look at the other factors that help you live with energy, clarity, strength, wellbeing and freedom from illness, aches, pains and health conditions, the conditions may not become obvious until you have a crisis. Prevention saves you time, money and loss of productivity. Investing in your health and a positive return on investment.

I have gone through many high priced, comprehensive physicals at premier centers. I have also evaluated the results from those clinics for the executives and individuals I have treated. There are some large gaps. It is important to fill them in.

You can benefit from getting a holistic, functional assessment of your brain, body, genetics, hormones, nutrition, risk factors and lifestyle from a fresh, anti aging, functional medicine perspective. Interpretation is key since normal is not the same as optimal. Using the results to personalize and customize a program can transform your life and health giving you longevity and vitally.

Do you want to function as someone on the brink of illness or do you want to function with optimal health so you can realize your goals and dreams? To learn more, schedule an appointment for the Vibrance for Life® Executive Physical. You can live younger and healthier and function at your peak. Let me help you now. You are worth the investment. The quality of your life depends on it.

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