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I am so excited you want to live clean and natural as well as avoid toxins that can affect your hormones and immune system as well as your overall health. Young Living oils, cleaning and other products are non-toxic and have a variety of health benefits.

We are exposed to over 200 chemicals on a daily basis and they are TOXIC!

Toxins affect your hormones, immune system and weight. Your everyday personal care and cleaning product contain chemicals that make you gain weight, have early puberty, infertility, hormone disruption and immune disorders aggravate asthma, allergies and may even cause cancer.

Young Living has a variety of toxin free personal care and cleaning products

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Best Value

Become a member. There is no obligation to buy or sell. You can get products at a steep discount and if you want to share with family and friends or become a distributor, you can earn a commission and be proud to help others live healthier and toxin free.

You can always choose Retail Customer and pay full price;


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Best Value

Buy a Starter Kit. Members are rewarded with these highly discounted kits that introduce you to some of the most popular products. The Specialty Kits are the best value. The cost of one oil at retail is more than the cost of the specialty kit that includes that oil. You can always choose the lowest price kit at $45.

After You Sign Up, Ask for a guide on

How to Have a Toxin Free Home and Save on Cleaning Products

The Thieves Home Cleaning Kit is the perfect introduction to natural cleaning and provides you with a foundation of cleaning tools and supplies to utilize Young Living’s 100% pure essential oils. It includes the tools you’ll need to clean and protect your home without using harsh, chemicals. Get products wholesale.

Happy Oiling! With Your Health in Mind,

Dr. Maita and The Vibrance for Life Team